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Mike and Scrag (Book 1)
by Steve R. Romano

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"Mike and Scrag" is the first book in the Mike and Scrag adventure series.

This is a heart-warming tale about Mike, a lonely boy who stutters. When the neighborhood bullies taunt him and are about to hurt him again, a stray dog intervenes and scares the boys away. Mike names the dog Scrag and they become inseparable friends.

When they encounter a disastrous situation that is rapidly putting others in peril, Mike must think fast. What should he do? If he tries to help, he and his dog could die. If he doesn't, then others may perish.

ISBN-10: 0578857278
ISBN-13: 978-0578857275,,

ISBN-10: 1540815153
ISBN-13: 978-1540815156

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ASIN: B0977QKN99

Mike and Scrag: The Avalanche
(Book 2) by Steve R. Romano

Mike and Scrag cover

"The Avalanche" is the second book in the Mike and Scrag adventure series.

A huge snowstorm passes through town leaving it buried under a deep blanket of snow. After his mom gives Mike the good news that there's no school today, he can't wait to take his dog Scrag to Miller's Peak where all the kids in town will be heading with their sleds and snowboards in tow.

Not wanting to spoil his plans, his mom decides it's OK for Mike to join them. But there's a dangerous situation that no one is aware of: an avalanche could strike at any moment.

After Mike and Scrag are long gone, the town's emergency siren goes off. Mike's mom panics. Are Mike and Scrag OK?

ISBN-10: 057887167X
ISBN-13: 978-0578871677,,

ISBN-10: 1794050973 ISBN-13: 978-1794050976

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Mike and Scrag: Thunder Ridge
(Book 3) by Steve R. Romano

Mike and Scrag cover

"Thunder Ridge" is the third book in the Mike and Scrag adventure series.

Storyline:  The morning paper says it's been 50 years since the Thunder Ridge train accident. Mike decides that he wants to take Scrag with him to explore the site to see if the story about the ghost train whistle is true. What he doesn't know is that bank robbers are hiding nearby.

A police officer patrols the area and gets captured by the bank robbers. In the meantime, Mike and Scrag stumble upon the shack where the police officer is tied up. One of the bank robbers comes back to the shack and finds Mike and Scrag with the police officer. The robber pulls out his gun. He's thinking that maybe he shouldn't leave behind any witnesses.

Will Mike, Scrag and the police officer get out of there alive?

ISBN-10: 0578662485
ISBN-13: 978-0578662480,,

ISBN-13: 979-8616238184

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